Thursday, May 13, 2010

Ignorance and Slavery

Some thoughts on ignorance in America today.
If you catch a wild animal in trap it will fight to the death to escape, a coyote will chew a limb off to get away. But if you capture a wild animal as an infant and raise it in a cage it will be content never knowing what freedom was like. I think many people have grown up thinking that the government owes them something, and that government intervention in their daily life is normal. This could only have happened through being indoctrinated when young that this is the way things should be. People expect that the government should pay for their retirement, if that's what you call social security, which is the biggest ripoff of a people in history since the fall of Adam. People expect that the government should pay for their healthcare if they can't afford it. People expect that the government should educate their children for them so couples can have two careers and not be burdened with the iconvenience of caring for their two or maybe three children. (Heaven forbid that we have more than two kids and overpopulate the earth and harm our "mother") People expect the government should give farmers paychecks for not growing crops, or for growing something that is in political preference this election cycle, (ethenol), or to conserve their soil. (Presumably farmers are to stupid to preserve their land for future generations and must be paid by the government to do so.) People assume that it's alright to own a gun for hunting, but think it's ludicrous to carry a gun to protect yourself or your family, or to keep a loaded gun for home defense, because surely our great benevolent government will protect us from all evil and harm.
And so like the lion raised in a cage the people don't know what Liberty would give them and are content in their chains, bound to live a life of slavery. If they only knew the blessings of Liberty we could easily send wise men to represent us and stop the squandering of our wealth and freedom, and return the scepter to a righteous people who could govern themselves. But it may be to late for that. May God bring revival to hearts in this country that men may honor Him and so liberate themselves from the tyrrany of wicked men.
The LORD is King forever and ever;
The heathen have perished out of His land.
Psalm 10:16

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